Calhoun Global Enterprises (CGE) offers a comprehensive range of plans and programs designed to meet the athlete development needs of athletic departments, organizations, and individual athletes. With a focus on maximizing potential and fostering well-rounded individuals, CGE provides tailored solutions that encompass various aspects of athlete development.

Athlete Development Programs

CGE's Athlete Development Program offers personalized training, skill development, and performance enhancement programs tailored

to the unique needs and goals of individual athletes.

This program focuses on holistic development, encompassing physical, technical, mental, and academic growth.

College Preparation Program

CGE's College Preparation Program provides guidance and support to athletes aspiring to secure collegiate opportunities. This program assists athletes in navigating the college recruitment process, creating athletic resumes, contacting college coaches, and understanding NCAA regulations.

Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Education Program

With the evolving landscape of NIL, CGE's NIL Education Program helps athletes understand the legal, ethical, and branding aspects of NIL. This program empowers athletes to make informed decisions, develop personal brands, and leverage NIL opportunities for financial and professional growth.

Athletic Department Partnership Program

CGE partners with athletic departments to enhance their athlete development initiatives. Through the Athletic Department Partnership Program, CGE provides consulting, strategic planning, and implementation support to help athletic departments optimize their athlete development programs and resources.

Athlete Development Certification Program

CGE's Coach Development Program focuses on equipping coaches with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively guide and mentor athletes. This program offers training, mentorship, and resources to enhance coaching capabilities and create a positive coaching environment.

Athlete Protection Program

CGE's Athlete Protection Program aims to safeguard the well-being and rights of athletes. This program provides education on athlete safety, mental health support, abuse prevention, and reporting protocols. It promotes a safe and supportive environment for athletes to thrive.


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